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{Mr & Mrs Taylor – MARRIED!} – Harrisonville Wedding Photography

Hello friends!

There’s something special about every wedding I shoot, whether it’s the connection with the couple, being in awe of their unique love story, the beauty of the day… there’s always been a few things about every wedding that I look back on in fondness and remember. This wedding definitely got me aaaaaaaall up in my feels.

IMG_3610IMG_3450IMG_3454IMG_3461IMG_3478IMG_3486I wanted to write a little extra about this wedding, because there’s an amount of depth to it that currently, in our virus crisis so far, I haven’t seen.




I met Melanie through Heather, a bride whose wedding I shot back in October. I had NO idea that Heather would encourage two of her besties to use me as their wedding photographer, too (I LOVE being able to see the same group of friends celebrate one another)!




Originally, there were plans to whisk off to Hermann, MO for Jacob & Melanie’s nuptials, but cue the COVID19 beginnings, and everything kind of fell apart a week before the wedding. This has been the unfortunate hiccup in SO many brides dreams in 2020; it’s truly heartbreaking.





Melanie let me know, but since things weren’t completely shut down yet (and they had planned for an intimate wedding anyway), her and J were doing their best to formulate a plan to throw the ceremony as planned, and made the choice to have their ceremony at home.




This couldn’t have been a more meaningful and heartfelt wedding!



I couldn’t believe how quickly they were able to switch everything up without missing a beat. If Mel was stressed out, no one could tell. There’s something incredibly special about hosting your wedding in your home, with only your closest family and friends. I hope they’re able to truly cherish these memories forever, especially as they can relive them in their own living room and back yard!



My heart is so full thinking about this day and looking through these photos. I wish you guys so much peace, love, and happiness in your future.

– A


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