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{The Berry Family – Kansas City Family Photography!}

I’ve been dying to take photos of some of my good friends for quite a while (just take a look at how beautiful those boys are!), so when M + A’s 10 year wedding anniversary came up, it was a no brainer to document not only them as a couple but their whole family since they had a new addition to the fam in October!

Berry Family 2020-13

Berry Family 2020-3

The boys arrived and were excited and ready to go!

Berry Family 2020-22Berry Family 2020-9Berry Family 2020-10Berry Family 2020-4

Brothers, am I right? 🙂

Berry Family 2020-23Berry Family 2020-24Berry Family 2020-25

And then there’s the poor tortured baby brother… 😉

Berry Family 2020-26

…but really he’s quite loved.

Berry Family 2020-87Berry Family 2020-12Berry Family 2020-16
Berry Family 2020-13Berry Family 2020-14Berry Family 2020-15
Berry Family 2020-11Berry Family 2020-17Berry Family 2020-20

Those boys sure do love their mom and dad!

Berry Family 2020-27

We sent the boys away with some friends to the playground and were able to run around the park with just M + A to celebrate ten years of marriage! It sure looks good on them.

Berry Family 2020-28

Berry Family 2020-32Berry Family 2020-33Berry Family 2020-34Berry Family 2020-35Berry Family 2020-37Berry Family 2020-36

Thanks again for allowing me to capture your beautiful family! Love you guys!


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