A *different* kind of family session in Parkville, MO!

I don’t normally do in-studio sessions (but can totally appreciate them) as most of my sessions are either on site or in people’s homes, but when Holly came to me with some studio ideas, I was all in.

We rented Bundles Photography Studio – and it very majorly did NOT disappoint. I highly recommend this location for those in Kansas City who don’t currently have a studio space or don’t desire to have their own. It’s incredible. Beautiful sunlight coming in, perfect setups, LOADS of furniture, blankets, accessories to use, and a very large space (I had 12 people comfortably hanging out while doing the smaller groupings). Amazing.

I 100% love that every time Holly comes to me for family photos, I know it’s going to be outside of the box, trendy, and likely a challenge I’m happy to accept. I shot her and Carl’s wedding several years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed the time I’ve been able to get to know their sweet family. They’re laid back, fun, and really stellar people.

Without further ado, here are the moments that stood out to me from our time together. 🙂

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